What I do


Workshops and facilitated meetings are a great way to motivate your team, staff or community to learn a new skill or to solve a challenge. I motivate groups with fun exercises and engaging activities to bring out ideas and possibilities to build innovative and meaningful solutions.

Strategic Design

Your business strategy  is the most vital part of any business. A well compelling business strategy will create a better brand, clearer direction for growth and build a strong culture or community in your business.

Management Consulting

I work with you to delve deep into your business, to understand the financials, the strategy, the system and we work to investigate innovative and meaningful solutions to help you solve some of your toughest business challenges.

Why I do what I do

I believe that a great strategic plan has solutions that matter. To stand out from amongst your competitors, you must start with why your business matters. Let's work together to design a business strategic plan that differentiates your business from the rest.

Latest News


Five Ways to Calm the Inner Critic

The other night I had one of those self-loathing episodes where my inner critic was unleashing all the dark thoughts and anxieties started to float to the surface. What am I going to do next? Why am I still in the same place? Why is everyone hating on me?  It was very unresourceful and had eaten up about 5 hours at night and pretty much exhausted the following morning. It felt like an addiction to bad thoughts to feed the inner critic […]

Ideal Customers: Dogs, Cats and Rats??

This is an interesting find that I learnt recently. I’ve heard of customers as raving fans, as your number ones, I’ve never heard of someone talking about their customers as dogs, cats and rats. Let me know if you agree with this analogy and whether this makes sense to your business. In my business, if makes perfect sense! Listen to tonight’s sound bite to find out exactly what it means to have dogs, cats and rats as your customer.


How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Goals

This is a must listen to. I’ve recently been listening to goal setting videos and sound bites to get myself geared up to complete my studies and marketing campaigns for the winter. Then it occurred to me, why exactly do we feel compelled to set goals and most importantly, why do we achieve them. A lot of people will say, you’ve got to attach the goal to a realistic outcome, something that is SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed) […]

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