The Reality of a Successful Business

I wanted to share a little bit about what I have observed in the world of Business and motivation.

People are always telling you what you want to hear:

               “Think positive and you can create a successful business!”

                                      “Set goals and create a successful business!”

                     “Enjoy life and have a successful business while you live it!”

         “Having a successful business is simple! Believe in it and you will succeed!”

I bet most of you have heard of these lines before and I certainly have too. Don’t get me wrong, the quotes up above are great! They do work! And they ARE TRUE! The best motivational person on the world, Anthony Robbins, says all the time, “Your Destiny is in Your Choice. You have the Power to Make a Difference”. Living you life each day repeating your Mission statement, your goals and your beliefs! When you come across a time to make the right decision, you can make a difference.

But when is that time to make THAT choice? When is it time to make a choice to create your successful business?

The funny thing about people is that we all focus on what we WANT to see, but not focus on what is necessary for us to be able to progress further. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of the book, “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, we take in approximately 2 million bits of information per second through our sensory channels! Imagine having 2 million bits of information coming right at us! Overwhelming?

Our minds do wonderful things. Our minds have filters that “Delete”, “Distort” and “Generalise” information so that we are able to digest or process information that we need in that moment. People are only able to be consciously aware of between 5 to 9 chunks of information at any given time. But what does that mean?

That means, that if you were heart broken, you will only want to focus on heart wrenching things, or stories of great love that just doesn’t last. 

That means, that if you were having an unsuccessful business you will only want to focus hearing things like how easy and simple owning a business is and how easy it is to make it happen!

If we knew how to have a successful business, we would have one now, and not seek the “How To’s” of business!

The secret of reality of having a successful business is how you mind direct. How you train your mind to switch your focus over to what you need to see, hear, feel and know – so that you are able to make good use with the 5 to 9 chunks of information that you process in any given moment!

What I learnt from Anthony Robbins, being just 1 metre away from the greatest motivational speaker ever (and the most gigantic man alive!) is that it is not just about motivation. It is NOT about how I super charged up I can be!

What I learnt from Tony is that the reality of a successful business requires A LOT of work! A lot of tedious, detailed-orientated, pedantic, excruciatingly painful work! You know the nitty gritty bits of a business – the accounts, the expenses, calculating profit and loss, the business plan, the mission statement, the products, the copyrighting, the marketing, the sales …. and the lists goes on and on.

Hard excruciatingly painful work that requires 250% passion, dedication, persistence and perseverance!

Having a successful business requires you to master the craft of business. To keep trying the hit the ball in the hole countless times with very small variances until you master that particular shot at a hole at the golf course.

There are no flukes in business, only mastery.

But 250% passion, dedication, persistence and perseverance all require one thing – Drive.

Your Purpose is the driver of how you will persevere through a really excruciating but very rewarding journey.

A journey where there are many falls, many battles, many times that you will be beat. With the right mind directions, the right tools and the purpose – you can create the successful business that you have been wanting to establish! Have loyal customers or clients! Have the freedom and time to live your life and love the people you care about!

To get there, you need to go through some hard work. This could be mental, physical, education and emotional pain that you need to face. It is a need and it ain’t easy!

You need to re-train the way you direct your mind so that you focus on what is not only relevant but quality answers. Imagine what you’re deleting right now! How will you ever know that what you are missing right now, is actually what you need to know?

Find some quiet time, meditate and brainstorm what your purpose is. Let your mind direct you and just flow with it – even if some of the answers are bizarre! Most of the successful businesses are a result of a crazy, but innovative and creative, thought!

Ask yourself, what are you focusing on right now that is detrimental to your business and yourself – then CHANGE IT! Get rid of it! Re-direct your mind and focus on what is necessary!

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