How To Be The Leader In Your Industry

We all want to be the best at what we do, but how do we become known in the public as THE BEST, THE Go to person when someone needs what your business can offer?

Here are 5 steps to achieving the TOP STATUS for what you do.

1. Define Who You Want To Serve

Define your client or niche market is crucial in establishing a successful business. We may serve everyone and anyone who wants to walk in the door, but it’s “Specificity” or your “Niche” that brings in the business.

Set up your avatar – who is the ideal client you would like to walk through your business? Break down your target market to not just specifics like age, gender, demographics, education, wealth etc, but also what your client enjoys doing on a Saturday, where will they be spending their time and how will you get their attention. It is your specificity or your details that will lead you to how you will be able to serve your client.

Tip: Make sure your target market exists! To test whether your market exists, research!


2. Connect to Your Mission

Every successful business has a strong mission. Your Business’s mission should be delivered to your market but especially to yourself. You need to live, breathe, feel and know your mission. What are you trying to achieve with your business? What are you trying to achieve with your life?

In everything we do we need a BIG WHY – a strong purpose.

Most people fail in business because after working long hours and through many issues – they lose focus. The loss of focus then leads to losing momentum and thus losing the will to wake up to get to working on their business each day. By you having a strong mission or a strong purpose that connects with your business will give you the energy to drive your business to success.


3. Understand Your Inner Processes

Crucial to becoming the number 1 business in your industry is to understand how your process your thoughts, beliefs and issues. What do you tell yourself when things go bad? How do you react when things happen and they don’t align with your expectations? How do you behave to your staff, clients and customers after you have had an argument with someone else, ie parents, wife, kids, best friend, client, random stranger?

You need to understand that mistakes are a Godsend. It may not seem it when you are experiencing them, but the times that we fall teach us a huge lesson – it is a lesson that defines the moments we ascend! To be the director of a successful company or business, you need to learn how to stand up after you have been experiencing hardship.


4. Developing Your Products

In any Number 1 Business, the development of your products should be continual. You should always be keen to receive feedback from your products and to continually rectify the minor details of your product. Never be afraid to accept critical feedback as these critical pointers will help you to elevate the standard of your products and your business.

Learn not to take feedback personally. Remember having someone tell you the truth is better than having many people around you who don’t tell you that you have a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth!

Tip: Research, Develope, Refine!


5. Achieve Exposure

Every Number 1 Business in any industry has exposure. Whether this is in the media (newspaper, television or radio), blogs, chatrooms, YouTube, Viral, sponsorship – You need to generate exposure.

You can pay to achieve exposure in the media – which will cost you anywhere between $1000 – $1million, depending on your budget!

This is the time to think creatively about what you can do. Just imagine if you had all the ideas in your head and all the resources you needed were available within you – what would you come up with? A new jingle? (Really think about all the phone numbers you know in your head because of a catchy jingle) A philanthropic cause? A Joint Venture? A viral video? I walked past a man that was greeting each of the customers as they walked in and out of the supermarket speaking like he was a race track commentator! All you need is just one person to film it and load it online – or for people to go home and start talking about him with their friends and family. How do you think the Man with The Golden Voice was discovered? Viral videos! And a week before he appeared on every newspaper and news report he was busking!


To be the Number 1 Business in your industry, you’ve got to start doing things that the rest of your industry won’t do! You be the leader, you lead YOUR market, your industry!