The 80/20 Rule (Part 1)

To Master Life is to Master Our Emotions

Having the ability to create and run a successful business is having the ability to master your emotions.

To a successful entrepreneur, investors or venture capitalists “Crisis Is Opportunity”. They thrive when the world’s economics is falling. They thrive when the market is low. They embrace when things go wrong!

Successful people embrace an “I don’t care” attitude because they know that they cannot control what is out of their hands. Successful people understand that they can only control how they respond to a situation and they let go of that need to control everything. Imagine your business has sunk, your debts are high and the market doesn’t seem to be lifting up. You feel anxious, you feel stressed, you feel tired because you seem to have done everything to try to fix your business.

This is where most business fail because the mindset of the entrepreneur or boss is so fixated on the business falling, fixated on the issues and problems and tiring out their mind on the wrong things.

A Successful Business Incorporates 80% Mindset and 20% Mechanics!

The 80/20 Rule is understanding that 80 percent of the business comes from 20 percent of the work. In a successful business 20% of the business is the mechanics of the business, the hows of the business. 80% of a successful business is mindset or psychology. It’s how we operate in our minds and what we focus on that make the difference between a business succeeding and one that fails.

Emotional intelligence is just as important as financial intelligence!

This is where you need to choose to attach empowering meanings to situations instead of attaching morbid stories to justify why bad things happen.

So remember, if you want to be successful, focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

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