Enjoy The Game Of Life

Problems are a sign of life. You’re going to enjoy the game of life.

Many people say they know how to play the Game of Life. They know what life is all about and know all the rules and loopholes and what not. Though, how many game players are actually happy?

To be rich is to be grateful. To be grateful of stress, and to be grateful of fear. In all stages of our life, we will face problems or issues. How we develop ourselves and become the person that we want to become, will determine the quality of problems that we will face. It’s like playing a game, the more levels you pass the harder the game becomes and the more quality the problems become.

The Game of Life will require you to enjoy these problems. They will only be a problem only once. Once you know how to solve it, it will no longer be a problem. When you trade your expectation for appreciation – it will change your life.

The Goal of the Game of Life is to be Hunters of the great or the Master of Meaning. What can you hunt down in your life that are great achievements, great memories, great decisions. If you struggle to hunt down these great achievements, then you need to ask yourself, what are the meanings that you give to these unhappy, sad, depressing situations.

To master meaning, is to master emotion. The meaning of life is the meaning you give it and the emotions that you experience each day.

Better meanings = better emotions = better life!

When you become better at giving great meanings to situations, you can then live better lives.

It is the stories that you tell yourself and the conditions that you give yourself that hold you back from experiencing happiness. Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll be happy with I have control of my money” or “When my kids are in control, then I’ll be happy”.


Certainty is living with the expectation that everything in life needs to be perfect and perform in the way you expect it to be. There is no way in hell that life will be the way you expect it to be.

The Quality of life comes from the direct amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live in. To appreciate what you are given and what happens. This doesn’t mean you don’t go to work or don’t do anything. Having a sense of appreciation means having the respect for life itself to take opportunities and work on it, love it and look for the gift in it.

You can’t control others. You can only influence the people around us by being the change that you want to see in others.

You can’t control events.  You can only control the meaning you give to events.

The quality of your life is the quality of the STORY OF YOUR LIFE. We only remember the STORY we have in life.

Life = Event + Story

(Event – flat tyre, Story – flat tyre, fucked my day up)

For example, you might be driving to work one day and suddenly you hear a loud BANG! A huge popping sound, as if you’ve been fired at with a gun! You lose control of your car and pull over. You hop out of the car and realise that one of your tires have become flat.

What you tell yourself in this moment, or the story that you develop will determine the rest of your day. People who tell themselves, “Oh Thank God it is just a flat tyre” will experience the emotion of the event in that moment and may joke about the story late. However, some people will get annoyed and say things such as, “FML!” or “This flat tyre has just F**ked up my day! Now I’m late for work. It’s all his fault, should’ve ……..” Notice the difference in your physicality and emotions just from reading the responses. How eventful is the flat tyre? Is it really something that has ruined everything, or is it just a momentary mishap?

Meaning controls everything in life. What you tell your will determine the Game of Life you play.

If you tell yourself can’t do something then you MUST do it!

Life is easy to be muddled by you. You have too many ways to muddle it and a very difficult way to be perfect. It’s not that ‘It’s easy to be lonely/sad/in pain, it’s that you give yourself lots of ways to be!

As Tony Robbins says, “Your mind is software not hardware” – you can change it and put new stuff in at anytime!! Detach yourself from what isn’t you. You are not your pain, you are not the loneliness you feel, you are not the sad person with all the trouble and all the issues and all the ails and sicknesses that you have.


It is in our moments of decisions that shape our destiny. What is it that you want to do right now, and how will it change your life right now, so that you can experience more joy, more gratitude, more happiness even more right now?

There is no ‘try’, it’s either DO or NOT DO. I’ll try to be happy is the same as trying to pick up a chair. You either pick up the chair, or you don’t. You either BE HAPPY, or you don’t.



Just reciting or remembering what to do is not knowing. To truly KNOW something is to DOING what you know.

Enjoy the Game of Life and create your own destiny through your making better choices, creating better stories and giving better meanings.


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