Unpacking My World With DISC

People find the humour in magic, I find the humour in working out how “magic” was done.

My dad has been telling me about this game he was playing about mind reading and how the computer can guess what number you were thinking of. And I tried it out. The first time I was a little bit surprised. The second time I did it, I was skeptical. The third I did it, I was adamant to find out how it was possible. After a thorough fourth go, I worked out the “game”.

Then I laughed at myself.

Over the weekend, I attended a workshop on DISC profiling. In summary , “DISC” is one of the many psychometric tests or indicators that summarise an individual’s behavioural characteristics. The DISC assessment tool has grouped behavioural characteristics into four major “behaviour styles”. Most people have all four DISC behaviours and some have stronger energies in specific behavioural groups.

The DISC behavioural groups are:

  • ‘D’ is for Dominance – the boss, the decision maker – visionary and outcome driven
  • ‘I’ is for Influence – the influencer, the flamboyant charmer – airy-fairy, easily distracted
  • ‘S’ is for Steadiness – the Mother, the reliable carer – extremely warm with a positive presence
  • ‘C’ is for Conscientious – the careful organiser who pays strong attention to detail – in other words, anal, annoying, analytical tech heads

At this workshop we were able to do a quick DISC profiling and the results I got were not what I thought it would be.

We were put into groups with others of the same profile and I was put into the “C” group. Yes.. apparently I was anal, annoying and analytical. To be honest, I was a little bit embarrassed to be standing in that corner of the room. However, when we started our exercise. It all made sense. Our group made list upon list of excruciating detail of what we needed in order to solve the problem. It was not a matter of “Airy Fairyness” but precision, detail and making sure we covered anything.

I loved it.

I really felt the passion in making sure everything was covered. It brought back so many memories of organising parties and engagements in the past where I actually helped my cousin segregate her thoughts into lists – materials list, lighting, food, drinks, plan, times, dates, invitations etc.

‘C’ people are described to be people who need to see the logic in everything and usually associated with IT people (sorry guys, that’s the truth). But I’m not an IT Guy!!, I thought as I looked at my results. Why am I a “C” for Conscientious, “C” for Analytical, “C” for TECH HEAD! None of it made any sense at all. I did fashion! I’m a coach! I’m COOL!!

Then I went home and really thought about it.

And after a night of tossing and turning in bed – it all made sense to me.


A true Fashion Designer or any designer for the matter is a true ‘C’.

A true designer is an extreme ‘C’. The attention to detail in design – the pattern of the garment, the notches, the minute measurements, the fabric, the colour, the zip, the button – detail , detail, detail. The work a fashion designer does is 20% creative design and then 80% production – working out how a 2D image will turn into a 3D garment that actually fits on a human. Yes, analytical excruciating pain of making sure all patterns were perfect, that they patterns were cut out of the fabric perfectly, that all the little notches and nicks were cut in the right places so that the pieces would fit together perfectly!

I remember at Uni and my lecturer giving me a little anal lecture about being precise. That being just 2mm off the right notch can affect the entire fit of the garment. Scary huh? I remember looking at clothes on fitting models and seeing the imbalance of just 5mm.

The technical drawings, the technical drafting – I used to pre-think patterns before I made the pattern. Sleeves with puffy caps, wide collars that sat a particular way on the neck – all measurements and precision.

I drafted patterns that had 20 to 30 individual pieces that were marked “front 1, front 2, front side 1, back 1 etc” and then somehow fit together. No wait. I had to write down step by step HOW each piece was going to fit with each other. 😀

My mind literally exploded! Ok, figuratively. As a ‘C’ my world needed to make sense to me. Everything needs to be logical, make sense otherwise it’s very very difficult to live life. I lived 6 years of my life not understanding who I was or why I was – and this understanding unlocked my life.

I started to really look at the Fashion Industry and all the DISC profiles and how it fits with the industry. The ‘D’s in the fashion industry are the entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily design but just focus on what the vision on the brand is. People like Naomi Milgrom of Sussans.

The ‘I’s of the fashion world as the fashionistas or stylists like Carson Kressley, ‘Miss J’ from American Top Model or fashion buyers whom need to be on top of what’s hot and what’s not of fashion. In some ways, John Galliano uses his very “I”, creative, flamboyant persona to sell his brand, but really, the guy is very much a ‘C’ – strong attention to detail in his garments.

The ‘S’s of the fashion world would be the environmental designers, the sustainable designers, the designers who care about the environment, labour and fair trade.

Then you have the ‘C’s of the designer world. These are the true avant garde designers like Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo of Comme Des Garcon, Ann Demeulemeester and my hero, Yohji Yamamoto. Oh man, I remember watching a documentary of Yohji Yamamoto – extreme attention to detail – it takes 5 tech heads to make one of his designs! The amount of time they stand around a table of paper upon paper, with rulers and scissors to make sure the pieces were perfectly calculated. The amount of detail in any of these great designers clothings is AMAZING!

(And yes, I feel really proud and ‘significant’ to be apart of this amazing group of people!)

This understanding of how I behave just made my whole life make so much sense. Why I am so detailed and why I get annoyed with people who can’t make decisions but jump from thing to thing.

Though, if you know me, you know that I’m not an incredibly difficult, annoying person – and that’s the beauty of behaviour, we can develop it and we can build on to the skills we don’t have. It was through my counselling, coaching and training journey that helped me really develop my “S”, my warm and caring side. The “I” in me is developed through my music, my photography, my blog and my training presentations. And the “D” in me was developed through modelling Tony Robbins and doing more and more business seminars, workshops and courses. All these sides are in me, but some are more prevalent and some are less.

So what does it all mean as a whole. After doing the DISC profiling test I was able to see exactly what kind of lifestyle I would live the most comfortably in. What should I focus on, how I can do things, who I can approach or learn from and the most important thing, WHY I need to do it.

After unpacking my world, everything just went away. Every little ounce of depression, anxiety, frustration and confusion left! In a heartbeat! And now I honour my ‘C’ behaviour and appreciate and share who I am each day.

To live true to who I am and be able to create and design my own life – congruence in mind, body, spirit and heart.

Such an amazing feeling!


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