Benefits of Video Games

Remember  the times when you used to spend countless hours playing video games?

Not me. My cousins were the ones that owned a nintendo and what we used to do was gather around a small tv and watch while one of us would play. So i was always the “backseat driver” and would pitch in with strategies of where to go next but was rarely the one driving. So in some ways, I never played but enjoyed watching and contributing in my little way.

As we get older we forget to have fun. The last time someone asked me “What do you like to do for fun” or “What would you like to do in this moment” was two years ago when I felt really stuck. I couldnt answer him because I didn’t know. As a kid we would have countless games and toys just waiting for us to play and sometimes we preferred to just stick with one of our favourites.

Isn’t  it interesting that the more you get older the less you have fun and the more you “play” a game called “work”.

Two years ago I was burnt out, depressed and was working a lot to pay for the bills I racked up from my trip to Canada and the bits and bobs accumulated from studying, running workshops and not making sales. Let’s just say I didnt do anything “fun” because I didn’t feel like I deserved to have fun. I felt like I didnt deserve to have happiness because of the debt I caused and not working on my business.

I was running every guilt trip, emotional blackmail and basically punished myself for not making more money or not getting my business to where it needed to be. I was downright unhappy, depressed, paralysed and numb from doing things, feeling things and experiencing things.

what’s happened is that when you dont take care of yourself you dont serve yourself. When you focus on why you should not do something or why you don’t deserve to, you put yourself in a prison and force yourself to be in an unresourceful and non-creative state.  How can you create if you have been chained from head to feet?

So when you feel like you cant remember the last time you had fun, or the last time you had a good laugh, maybe it’s  time you DO something fun. Note, I said DO and not THINK. Thinking of doing something is not the same.

So pull out the nintendos or play stations or xbox or even candy crush if thats your thing. Or plan yourself a selfie-date and go play!


ps – Three days to go for the “How to Attract Money, Love and Great Sex”. exciting!!!












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