Cost of Waiting for Mr Right

I hear this all the time from singles who seem to stay single.

“I dont have time for this”
“I want to wait for the right time”
“I want to focus on me now”
“I dont want to do it”

Apart from number 3 (in some ways), all the ‘excuses’ are in some ways variants for the same thing:

“I dont want to commit to it”.

What exactly are we committing to?

Let’s look at it from the perspective of the ‘Prince Charming’ complex, the typical fairytale of a princess or a cinderella or snow white who waits for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her or save her from this terrible world of loneliness, isolation and step-mothers who just dont want to know of your existence. So as you endure your each day of loneliness, isolation and non-existence, you keep telling yourself, it’ll happen one day.

See unlike cinderella and snow white, sometimes we’re not lucky enough to meet our Prince Charming at first glance. Like most of us, our first of many relationships suck.

Some of the ‘Princes’ we meet might not have been close to a Prince and some may not eventuate into a relationship. (Sorry was looking for a different Princess)

If cinderella or snow white continued each day enduring the loneliness, isolation and non-existence but no longer believed she will be lucky to meet another good Prince Charming who was actually serious about a happily ever after ending – let me ask you this, is she really going to be able to keep life going the way it is?

Is she really going to wait any more or is she going to just believe that “oh maybe its not for me” or what I hear all the time “I dont need a Prince Charming, I have my (mice, birds, dwarves, kids, chores, career etc)”

The price you pay for continually waiting and not doing anything about it is the intensity of pain you feel each day which will one day turn to an acceptance that life is mediocre.

That life is never fulfilling.

That life is just existing.

The longer cinderella waits, the older she gets, the more she worries, the more she gets thrown between the two most difficult questions that all ladies ask,

“Should I give it one more chance and try to find love again?”


“Should I just give up and live alone forever?”

The fact that that is even a dilemma already tells me one thing about where you’re at – you’re not ready to give up. If you did, it wouldn’t be a dilemma, it would be an accepted reality that brings you peace.

If in anyway you feel that burning inside of you, that anxiety or that pain – it is your unconscious self trying to tell you that it is time for you to do something about it.

Make some time, use some courage and do what Ariel did. At least the price you pay won’t be your voice!

So what are you still waiting for?

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Don’t wait around any longer!

Karen x

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