Five Ways to Stop Indigestion and Worrying

This might be a little ‘TMI’ (Too Much Information), so there’s the warning there!

When I was 25, I had this big hit with indigestion and had a bloaty and acidic stomach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was so bad that life was really hard, like really hard. I would eat and then my stomach would bloat up and be in so much pain that it felt like I was being cut up and sawed in half, right where the stomach was.

I did many tests, seen many doctors and even winded up in hospital a couple of times because the pain was so unbearable – imagine:

  • a stomach that felt like it was going to burst,
  • sharp stabbing pains

and sometimes escalating to:

  • feeling tingly all over my body,
  • shortness of breath,
  • racing heart,
  • trembling,
  • complete freaking out and panicking about everything.

Yes, I was experiencing a panic attack as well as indigestion as well as anxiety.

The hospital found nothing wrong with me, the doctor found nothing wrong with me and then sent me to therapy and to the pharmacy to get some prescription medication for my stomach that many pharmacists would ask,

“I’m sorry, if I may ask, why are you taking this medication?”

Apparently the medication I was on was pretty hardcore, and no not valium or any anti-anxiety pills, but more medication that older people would take for stomach ulcers. Yeah… my acid was that bad.

I spent the next 6 months in therapy, trying to “figure” it all out or find some way to deal with it. Talking about feelings, taking medication, crying for no reason, stomach hurting so bad I would stop the car on the side of the road or at a parking lot and just crunch over and try to rest. I munched on so much mylanta and quickease, it was not funny.

What was I freaking out about anyway??

I remember there was a time I was at counselling school (mmm when I completed a Graduate Diploma of Counselling, just before I started the Diploma of Coaching and NLP Master Prac trainings), I was counting the minutes for break so that I could go out and eat something. It was about 10 minutes before we were due for a break and I couldn’t take it. I walked out and sat there. Panicking. Crying. Shaking.

After sitting outside for a while, another student came out and started talking to me. I told her I was freaking out about life.

In truth, at 25, I was experiencing a “Quarter-life crisis” and I was freaking out about:

  • when will this pain stop?
  • is this cancer?
  • am I going to die?
  • when will I have a relationship with this person?
  • when will we get married?
  • when will I have kids?
  • when will I do something better with my life?
  • when will I buy a house?
  • when will I move out?
  • when will it all change?
  • when will it be better?

ARGH!! Crazzzzyyyyyyyy!!

How I Stopped Indigestion and Anxiety

The good news is, eventually it stopped. It didn’t happen over night, but it did happen… (that’s a familiar line). I ended up reading a lot of articles, my parents actually got into it as well, I started to attend more and more personal development seminars and workshops, I finished up the counselling course and went straight to a Tony Robbins event and then went right into the Diploma of Coaching and NLP trainings and then…

It all made sense.

It wasn’t just about therapy. It wasn’t just a matter of eating right. Indigestion and anxiety are all signs of worrying about the future and not being aligned with my vision for the future. I had been running beliefs that did not do anyone any good and I was NOT taking care of my physiology.

Here it is…

Five Ways to Stop Indigestion and Anxiety

1. Eat Right, Eat Alkaline

Stay away from anything that is acidic based which are things like diary, gluten, meats and processed sugary stuff.

Stick to alkaline rich foods like:

  • alkaline water (bit of fresh lime into filtered water)
  • fruits
  • veggies (my stomach was in love with broccoli and taro)

I also ate things like dried figs, dried apricots, miso soup with seaweed and tofu. What I did was keep track of the foods I ate and tracked what worked and what didn’t. Though, alkaline water, works wonders!


2. Sleep and REST

Anxiety and restlessness love each other big time. When I felt a rush of anxiety and if I mixed it with not sleeping well – I would panic and worry even more. The sad, “I hate myself” thoughts started to swarm in and it started a whole “I’m not good enough”.

Trust me, I have had a week of sleep, wake up, eat, sleep and felt fricken amazing the following week.


3. Be Clear with your Goals

Anxiety, worry, panic, burnout and overwhelm are all in the same mixing pot sometimes and it all stems from the big gap from where you are to where you want to be.

It doesn’t hurt to have smaller goals each day to help you work towards a bigger goal. Maybe track your “good days” by sticking stars on a calendar or keeping small diary or journal entries to jot down your thoughts. Any thoughts: good and bad.


4. Connect with your Body

There is a reason why lots of people do and suggest Yoga, Pilates, sports and so forth – because they work! Try lots of different activities to find something that works best for you to reconnect with your body and open up to emotions. When you numb one emotion, you numb ALL emotions. So whether it’s yoga, pilates, kick boxing, swimming, meditation or whatever, do it and stick to it!


5. Redefine your Vision

When it’s time to move forward, we’ve got to find out where we are moving forward to. Imagine spending the last three years with a blurred vision of what the future is going to look like and telling yourself, “I’m going to be lonely, I’m going to be poor and I’m going to never have children”. What kind of future are you actually seeing for yourself.

The “ideal” or perfect image of the future is now blurred with all the doubts and fears and worries that you’ve had all these years.

It makes sense to redefine your vision and maybe say goodbye to those sad and limiting beliefs.


Say No More to Worries and Start Attracting Money, Love and Great Sex into your life!

So guys, that was my little story of how you can say no more to indigestion and worrying. If you wanted to find out more about how you can redefine your vision and attract better things to your life like money, love or great sex, please remember to join me next Thursday 26th March 2015 @ 8.00PM AEST streaming LIVE at:

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