Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

I finished up at a gig in Melbourne today and just felt challenged. I thought to myself, let’s give this vlogging outdoors thing a try! Yeah, I was all up in the head thinking, “OMG I am so going to live up to the stereotype”.

Picture this, Asian female, sitting on the grass with a mobile phone in her face.

So I spent a good 30 minutes sitting outside in the cold trying to get what I wanted to say out and funny thing was while doing it, at the moment I confessed my vulnerabilities, all these people walk past me while I was filming.

Talk about being one with the Universe. I absolutely have no shame in filming outdoors now. (And I don’t care that my hair flying all over the place).

One thing though, I wish I had my selfie stick with me. Then it would make the whole picture even more intriguing! LOL

Anyway, here it is!

PS – TWO sleeps to go!

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