Why You Don’t Do What You Need To Do

What a long title. Lol

it is long but it is very important. Sounds a little that’s what she said. This is a very interesting question that a very beautiful colleague of mine asked me today. I went into the office where i used to work and met up with some of my colleagues with whom i haven’t seen for so long. It was lovely to see them and i really enjoyed speaking to them and one of them asked if she was able to come to my courses tonight and that she also wanted to have a chat with me.

So of course i said come along and she was there for the course and then finally towards the end we had a chat. Her question was that she really wanted to do something with her life and she wanted to fulfill her dream and what was lovely but that her dream was really big. I always love girls with big dreams. Like other people obstacle was the same thing as every other person out there who has a dream and it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

Have you ever had a big dream a big idea and felt like “oh maybe i’ll just spend a little bit more time to just understand all the little things that i am thinking about”. Or have you ever felt like “oh i’ll get it done soon. I’ve just been too busy lately or old i’ll just have to find some time like book in maybe a week or two weeks and i’ll get it done then.

You and i both know that it will never get done. How many times have you have a chat with someone and they asked you oh what happened to that business idea you had what did you end up doing with it?

The issue isn’t because you don’t know how to do it, or that you don’t know how to write a business plan or you can’t find a business plan template. Or even because you dont know how to run a business. The issue is that your vision isn’t strong enough and if you haven’t begun to take action. For some reason many people seem to think that taking action means making huge changes and having to buy all the lastest equipment to get it right. Or having a perfectly written business plan with longbtern and shortbterm goals and KPIs and timelines and milestones. Yeah, eventually they will happen but while nothing has happened since the idea came up, big changes are not going to happen.

Put it this way, if you were gonna do the big changes, you would’ve already.

Sometimes to make a change is doing the little things first. Little things like doing a small drawing of your vision of the business or writing small post it notes with ideas, or using social media as a platform to do small things everyday to share you.

Once you get the momentum going, you will start to see results. Even minute results.

If that doesnt work, then you need to look within you, what is actually holding you back. I can guarantee that I can give you 1 million and 1 ideas to build your business but if there is a part of you that thinks thats it’s not going to work – it won’t work. So really, the “solution” isn’t a piece of paper with a check list of what you should do, it’s actually first understanding and clearing all the internal stuff.

What internal stuff you ask? Tune in Thursday at 8PM and find out! Click on the “events” tab for links!


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