Four Questions to Ask when You’re Stuck

When you’re feeling stuck with decisions, thoughts and ideas, how do you normally solve it?

Some people just get on with it, some people ignore it and some people feel incredibly in pain because they feel so stagnant and stuck in the same place, unable to move.

When I see that my clients are stuck, I usually ask them these four questions to help them to bring about new thoughts and challenge their usual thinking.

Whether you want to believe this or not, sometimes our conscious brain is switching back and forth between a few ideas or thoughts and this gets worse when we are stressed.

This is also the reason why people always tell you to relax or get into the “zone” so that you can clearly see the question you are ask, or see the problem you are facing.

These four questions, will certainly help you think outside of the current thoughts that you are bouncing back and forth.

Listen to this weeks sound bite to understand how to use these four magical questions to help you get unstuck!

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