How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Goals

This is a must listen to.

I’ve recently been listening to goal setting videos and sound bites to get myself geared up to complete my studies and marketing campaigns for the winter. Then it occurred to me, why exactly do we feel compelled to set goals and most importantly, why do we achieve them.

A lot of people will say, you’ve got to attach the goal to a realistic outcome, something that is SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed) and if your outcome is compelling enough, you will go for it.

Others have said that you need to attach an emotion to the goal, that by attaching feelings of excitement, pleasure, happiness and the like will get you to achieve the goal so that you can experience those emotions.

What I’ve come to realise is that, we are actually more likely to achieve the goal if we follow through. What I’ve realised is that it’s the following through with our commitment to our goal is what is the most compelling to make us work harder to achieve the goal. It’s almost as if the end result or the outcome is not important, it’s the journey. And the journey is not the hardship we endured, the journey is the commitment we endured. Commitment is what gets us to persevere. Commitment is the drive. Commitment is the motivation.

When we don’t commit, or we break our commitment, that is when we don’t achieve our goals – because we lose a little faith in ourselves, we lose a little trust in ourselves and our levels of achievement.

Think about it, how awesome do you feel when you tell yourself that you’re going to commit to doing 50 push ups and even when you make it to 45 and you feel like absolute crap, you strive and make the 5 last push ups and bam pure esctacy! Why? Because you stuck to your word, you stuck to your commitment and you pulled through.

Still not convinced? Listen to tonight’s sound bite and challenge yourself – if you want to be motivated to achieve your goals, don’t set a million small goals, set one goal that you’re actually going to commit to. Start small first. Follow through and enjoy that feeling or committing to yourself and then keep setting goals.

Let me know how you go!

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