Hypnosis + NLP = Brainwash??!

I know a lot of people when they hear that I do NLP the first thing that pops into their head is, OMG, she does brainwashing!

That’s true to a certain point – I do wash out the bad stuff you put in your brain, and a part from that, I don’t and cannot change how you do things unless YOU decide to change.

The work that I do with anyone, either in individual coaching or group work, requires one to accept the suggestions given, the thought process, the strategies – without your decision, we can’t really get any where.

Here’s the more interesting fact though: each day you are self-hypnotising or being hypnotised by lots of different things, lots of different triggers and stimuli – all of which will influence your thoughts, your decisions and your thought processes before a NLP practitioner or hypnotist even makes it to you.

Listen to todays sound bite to learn exactly how NLP and Hypnosis really works!

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