Fantastic Speaker!

Fantastic Speaker, very good content. MindDirectors has the right mindset to help you develop your marketing strategy, find your business strengths!

Felipe A.

Business Owner@TECHWISE

ENERGY and Motivation!

Karen helped me overcome an issue of feeling a lack of energy every morning, and a snoozing habit that I’d had for many years. We connected immediately and it was clear she was totally focussed on bringing me to create the change. I noticed a tremendous difference the very next morning and it has helped me in numerous areas of my life as I start the day with extra energy and alertness and a motivation to be the best I can.

I highly recommend meeting with Karen, for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.

David S

Business Owner

Removed the many masks I was Wearing!

Working with Karen has been a great gift and enable me to remove the many masks that I was wearing. She has an amazing ability to identify and challenge unproductive thought patterns while at the same time provide support and acceptance. Karen actively listened, kept me focused on the goals I had set and offered some excellent resources, which enabled me to stay balanced and move forward. I now have a much clearer perspective of where I am going, both in my personal and business life.

Meg P

Business Owner

Understood myself better and progressed with heightened Momentum!

Karen acted most professional and guided me throughout all the sessions. She has also provided me with some insights and tools to help me with my self-development. By doing so, I’ve put my trust in her to help me understand myself better and progress with heightened momentum.

Paullina C.

Business Owner

Understood myself on a deep level!

Karen was helping me to clear some deep issues that made me not getting the results I was looking for in some aspects of my life.

Her gentle but powerful ability to keep silent made me find what I had hidden very thoroughly inside myself. I got to understand myself on a level I didn’t know exists. I highly recommend to take Karen as your guide on your life’s journey and discover who you truly are. Be ready for a big adventure – you are safe.

Marlene K.

Business Owner

I could Bring Up Anything!

I would like to thank you for our coaching journey together. You provided a trustful, honest, challenging, assertive and fun environment, which allowed me to bring up anything. The insights and tasking you provided were very helpful.

I would definitely recommend you to anybody who is seeking creative personal or business coaching!

Conny K

Business Owner

You Put My Demons To Rest!

I wanted to thank you for an amazing coaching session. You have such a natural style that is both empathetic and insightful. While I have had many coaches over the last year, my session with you reached a new level of awareness, enabling me to finally put some of my demons to rest.

You deliver results with passion, professionalism and a uniquely personal touch. I recommend your skills to anyone who is feeling stuck in their personal or professional life and needs a helping hand to keep them moving forwards.

Vicky Butler

Owner@Victoria Butler Consulting

 Just One Little Thing has made a Difference!

I thoroughly enjoyed Karen’s workshop. Her delivery style and clarity of message, made me feel comfortable and open to discuss and ask any kind of questions. since I implemented one of the tips that Karen shared, and just one little thing has made a difference in my relationship!!!

Thank you Karen for your insight and easy advice. 

Fabiola, C.

Business Owner
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