How Does it work?

People are changing and their consumer behaviours are now different. How do we tap into the minds of our customers and create desirable products, services and promotions that differentiate our business and ensures that our business stays relevant, makes sales and people know about it?

I get asked a lot of different questions such as, "How do I get more likes on Facebook?", "How do I use social media to make sales" and "Will giving out free products get me more sales?"

The simple answer is "No".

The more complex answer is, "It could, but it depends on your strategy and how you execute your strategy". 

I believe every business has a story, a differentiating factor or a competitive advantage that is embedded into their business strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. The growth and expansion of the digital market means that your business is more than likely to fall into the abyss and be lost amongst the other people who are actually taking advantage of their story, idea or point of difference and implementing their strategy throughout their business. 

Customers love continuity, they love seeing a brand that is well-thought, well executed and every bit of the business breaths the strategy. Look at your favourite brand right now and think about what their strategy is and how they have successfully implemented it through their products, website, customer service, organisation and especially in their marketing and digital marketing campaigns. 

This is what I will do with you. 

Here's how it works:

Package 1: Strategic Planning Session (2 hours)

The Strategic Plan stage is for business owners who have ideas but have trouble putting them together in a plan that makes sense and is easily used. A lot of business owners struggle to find time to do the marketing and strategy of the business whilst trying to run the business. Ad hoc marketing doesn't work for long term and it puts more pressure on you to put a promotion or campaign together in the last minute (especially if it's a digitally based campaign). 

I will help you put together a strategic annual plan that incorporates the your business goals. We will discuss the risks involved and how we can predict and approach them. I will also coach you how to monitor and measure the success of your strategies and how to understand the digital analytics to use them more effectively to create better strategies or campaigns in the future. The 2-hour session will be an intimate time to have your questions answered and you walk away with a tangible strategic plan. 

Investment: $297.00

Package 2: Business Differentiation Strategic Report

Did you ever wonder about why your business is not performing at a level of what you wish. Why your facebook page isn't getting the likes you want or you are not making enough sales?

Let me know what your business problems are and I will help you solve those issues.

I will diagnose the health of your business, give you a comprehensive marketing analysis and perform a business SWOT analysis for you. The report will identify your current strengths, areas of opportunity and how the functional areas of your business are performing - ie. marketing, digital business, finance, operations, HR - and how we can maximise your business growth and sales opportunities. 

You will receive a diagnostic report with recommendations and strategies that will help you build, grow and differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Investment: starting at $997.00

Package 3: Growth Strategic Implementation (Full package)

This is for business owners who mean serious business and want to growth their business to the next level.

Not only will I work with you to diagnose your business health, plan your strategy, but I will also coach you through the implementation of your new strategy and be there to help you understand the outcomes. I know many business owners, like you, feel more at ease to have someone to talk about your business and help you understand how we can do better or create a strategy or campaign that will sell more next time. 

We will develop a long term business relationship where we can work together to help you grow your business and it can involve weekly or monthly consultations, leadership coaching to help you transition as your business grows or facilitating workshops or coaching with your team to build and grow a stronger "winning" sales team.

Investment: Dependent on project scope 

Facilitation/Keynote speeches

I also run workshops and present business ideas and strategy workshops to help your team gain build skills in different areas of business. These workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales and Customer service training
  • Marketing and Digital marketing (social media)
  • Product or service innovation facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Empowerment
  • Personal and professional development (coaching also available)

Whether it's your business strategy, marketing strategy or digital marketing strategy, you let me know what is going on in your business, your issues and where you want to be and I will help you make it happen. 

Contact me now and let’s have a chat. It all starts with that initial discussion and you will see whether I am the right person to help you. 


Phone (or text): 0400 338 883