What I do


Workshops and facilitated meetings are a great way to motivate your team, staff or community to learn a new skill or to solve a challenge. I motivate groups with fun exercises and engaging activities to bring out ideas and possibilities to build innovative and meaningful solutions.

Strategic Design

Your business strategy  is the most vital part of any business. A well compelling business strategy will create a better brand, clearer direction for growth and build a strong culture or community in your business.

Management Consulting

I work with you to delve deep into your business, to understand the financials, the strategy, the system and we work to investigate innovative and meaningful solutions to help you solve some of your toughest business challenges.

How Does it work?

People are changing and their consumer behaviours are now different. How do we tap into the minds of our customers and create desirable products, services and promotions that differentiate our business and ensures that our business stays relevant, makes sales and people know about it?

I believe every business has a story, a differentiating factor, a competitive advantage and what I love to do with businesses, groups and individuals is to find that story. To work with you, to deep dive into your business, work out what makes you the leader of your industry and turn that into your strategic plan.

What is a great strategy? A great strategy is one that pinpoints where you will be heading, your vision, your purpose, – a strong meaning of what your business is working towards.

How will we work together? We start by identifying what the real problems are, what your customers are really thinking and then we use creative and innovative ways to create solutions that matter, that really get you what you want. Whether it is wanting to:

  • Develop new products or marketing campaigns,
  • Grow your business and discover new ways to make sales, or
  • Build your social media awareness

I will work with you to write your business goals, strategically design the action plan and guide you through how to implement the plan using a blend of structured and creative ways to find your unique story.

We will be working together to:


Let’s have a coffee. I’d love to find out more about your story and work out how we can design your business strategic plan together.

For more information or to discuss how I can help your business grow, please contact me at secrets @ MindDirectors.com or call me on 0400 338 883 for a coffee and explore how I can add more value to you and your organisation.